Effects of Homosexual Teachers

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The Rondalla music

By: Ronaldo Samaniego
Submitted to: Prof. De Lara I- Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: A. Know the history and origin of rondalla. B. Recognize the different rondalla instruments. C. Listen and appreciate rondalla music. D. Create a simple dance routine with rondalla music as accompaniment.

II- Content: Rondalla A. Topic: Rondalla music and its instruments B. C. Instructional materials * * Manila paper * Laptop * LCD projector * Strings * Keboard * Tape * Picture of Rondalla * Illustration board * Chalk

D. References:

III- Lesson Proper A. Preparatory Activity 1. Daly routine
Teacher’s Methodologies Pupil’s Activities
Good Morning Class! Good Morning Teacher!
Let’s start our day with a prayer.
Please lead our prayer ______________ the student will pray
Okay, let me check the attendance, who is absent
Today? Student will tell who is absent
Good! Few are absent today

2. Review and drill
Teacher’s Methodologies Pupil’s Activities
Okay class! Based on our lectures, can you
Give me a sample of musical instruments that you see here in the Philippines?
If you want to answer, please raise your right hand.
Yes _____________________? Flute, Guitar, Banduria, Drums,…...

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