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Week 2 of MGT311 I had to pretend that I am a manager at Riordan Manufacturing and that I have three employees under my management. To help me learn about my employees, I chose to give them a few assessments. These assessments were given to these three employees, Bob, Mary, and Sam. These assessments would also teach me about their personality, and traits, and have a better understanding of them and how they work to see where they need some help and what their strengths and weaknesses may be.
How Satisfied am I with My Job?
The first test asked a series of questions relating to how satisfied the employee is with their job. An average score for this test range between74-76. In the case of my employees, Bob scored 69, Mary scored 74 and Sam scored 90. The scores show to me that Jesus is a not very satisfied, Shaila is comfortable and satisfied and Sam is very satisfied. The strengths of a person who is satisfied with their job are that they are committed; they do their best, and are reliable. Also their attendance is good and they are positive people to have working for the company. The weaknesses are that a person who is not satisfied may not care about the job. They may be unhappy with their pay, or the work environment, or even just the job duties.
Am I engaged?
Here the scores range between 9 and 45. The higher the score the more engaged. On this assessment Bob scored 32, Sam 29, Mary 28. These scores do not seem too bad to me, they are pretty average which shows that the employees are pretty well engaged. This is good because the more engaged the employee is the better they perform which is a strength. Other strengths include, being motivated, focused, and committed.
How are you feeling right now?
This questions scored range from 10-50. All three employees scored close Mary 40, Sam 42, and Bob 44. Bob having the highest score seems the happiest and…...

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