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In the future, the world has been twice attacked by aliens called Buggers, and humanity almost perished. To prepare for the next battle, the world unites around the cause of collecting and training military geniuses from early childhood. their one goal in life is to be the leaders of the army that defends Earth from the "Third Invasion."

Ender is one of those children. Andrew Wiggin's very birth was government mandated, where most families are allowed only two children, but the government requisitioned his birth. After a short six years of torment from his genius older brother Peter, and love from his genius older sister Valentine, Ender is recruited into the army after passing tests, and quickly rises to the top of the class. Loved and hated by other students at Battle School, Ender is isolated by his success, in the games that the students play, and by his teachers treatment of his excellence. The adults do not give him the chance to settle in and find a peer group instead they push him with such urgency that they are willing to break the entire Battle School system down.

Colonel Graff, the one who found and groomed Ender, runs Battle School and risks his reputation, and humanity's existence, on his strong belief that Ender is the one who can defeat the Buggers.

Battle School consists of games. there is a Fantasy Game, a game room (like an arcade), and the battle room, where war games are played in zero gravity. The battle room plays a key role in Battle School, and students often get so caught up in the game that they seldom realize that they're at the school to defeat the Buggers. One such student, Bonzo Madrid, comes to hate Ender, and Bonzo plans to kill him. Ender's excellence pulls through in battle after battle, despite being given a green army and the most intense schedule ever given an army. Bonzo's rage turns murderous, and they fight in the…...

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...Formics Ender eats pudding at lunch Ender eats a brownie at lunch Ender proves his dominance by killing those that bullied him including Stilson and Bonzo. He doesn't kill them. Ender starts the story as a 6 year old and at the end he is in his early teens. He is the same teenager through out the story. Ender hacks his chat feature on his desk to send the message, "Cover your butt. Bernard is watching. - God" He sends the message "Bernard is living proof that they still send chimps into space." Bernard is friends with Bonzo and is with him when Ender kills him in the shower. He is not seen after that. Bernard bullies Ender, but eventually he joins Ender's jeesh. Ender breaks Bernard's arm when they are on the shuttle to battle school which leads Bernard to bully him. This doesn't happen. Peter was the character Locke there were no "Locke" character Valentine was the character Demosthenes. there were no "Demosthenes" character There were major parts which focused on Peter and Valentines involvement with politics no talk/plot of politics between Peter and Valentine After having his monitor removed he fought a bigger boy and Ender killed him we never learn of the boys fate but he appeared mostly OK. Ender fought Bonzo at Battle School he killed him. Bonzo was hurt and had a brain injury but lived. Ender never played the boy (he ended up fighting) at school before his monitor was removed. Ender played......

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...you were forced to kill of an entire race or species? Ender Wiggin had to do just that at only eleven years of age. Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game demonstrates forcing children to go into wars and genocide, which have been issues in many other countries. Card presents genocide and forcing children to fight in wars through the character Ender; an eleven-year-old boy who is imposed into fighting and wiping out the whole bugger species. Card writes, “‘… You won every battle, and today you finally fought them at their home world, where the queen was, all the queens from all their colonies, they all were there and you destroyed them completely…’”(297). In this conversation, Ender realizes that it wasn’t a game, and all of the attacks he enforced were real. He actually committed genocide, something he clearly did not want to do. Another example is, “ ‘Of course we tricked you into it. That’s the whole point,’ said Graff. ‘It had to be a trick or you couldn’t have done it… But somebody with that much compassion could never be the killer we needed. Could never go into battle willing to win at all costs. If you knew, you couldn’t do it…’”(Card 298). With this detail, it shows that this was not Ender’s choice and that he did not want to harm anyone. Graff tricked Ender into doing this because deep down everyone knew that Ender could not really do it. However, a child had to lead the battle. “ ‘And it had to be a child, Ender,’ said Mazer. ‘You were faster than me. Better than......

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