Enduring Democratization

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Democratization in countries can cause various problems if countries are not adequately prepared. Synder and Carothers offer conflicting theories what makes democracies endure. Synder theorizes that countries should have stable institutions and infrastructure in order to have a stable democracy in the future. There are various problems with this theory. Carothers’ theory of gradualism is more realistic for stable democracies.
Snyder first points out democracies may have a positive influence domestically and internationally. Although democracy can be ideal for many countries, democratization can also cause problems such as nationalism and ethnic conflict. These problems will be multiplied until the democracy will become unstable and the political system will fall apart. Synder proposes that nations must have a stable state with strong institutions before democratization can start. With a strong infrastructure, the democratic system will be able to survive. The institutions such as a strong media and judiciary can support a democracy. Although in theory, having strong institutions should equal a stable democracy, it is not realistic. He almost has a circular reasoning when he discusses about democratization. His theory states that nations need to build up institutions in order to create a stable democracy. The issue with this argument is that there are no criteria for having weak or strong institutions. It is only until the nation shows a stable or unstable democracy is when the institutions are shown to be weak or strong.
The international community also has a large influence according to Synder. International leaders supposedly can help nations transition to a democracy. The problem is that the international community might not have the influence or power to affect another nation. Leaders might refuse international members suggestions as a show of strength or…...

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