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Aim: Engagement Campaign for IMT Ghaziabad Facebook Page
Group’s underlying criteria for the creating of the page: The idea of this campaign is to engage the MBA aspirants who have short-listed IMT-G as one of the colleges they are willing to apply to. Hence we wish to design a campaign that will provide a platform for better engagement with this TG and rouse their interest towards the college.
The contest will be a quiz (not very serious but related to the world of business) which is broken up into 5 parts, one for each day. The subjects covered each day will broadly cater to all the major aspects of MBA. The idea is to acquaint the aspirants to the life in a typical b-school and create that aspirational connect with IMT-G. The broad topics in mind are: (i) Branding, (ii) Product Management (iii) Supply Chain and operations, (iv)Finance, (v) HR
The deliverables for this assignment are as below: 1. Designed FB cover page:

2. Terms & Conditions for participating in the contest: As a part of engagement activity, it will be mandatory for all the participants to log into the page for a period of 20-30 mins every day to play the quiz. Anyone failing to do so on a particular day will be disqualified from the quiz. This will ensure a guaranteed participation from the serious aspirants throughout the campaign period. Though we will allow anyone to take a quiz any of the 5 days to test their knowledge, just that they would not be considered for the evaluation purposes. 3. How the contest runs and winners will be judged: As mentioned earlier, the contest will span over 5 days covering the various aspects of MBA and a cumulative score will considered to arrive at a winner. Participants will have to play the game every day to be in the race for the first prize.

4. How contest will be promoted: a. The link of the contest to be put up on the…...

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