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OUTLINE Introduction
A. Over the last two years the NCAA is handling over 1.5 Billion dollars in revenue yet the athletes, who contribute such a large part of all that money, don’t get one single part of it.
B. These kids invest so much time into their athletics, risking the outcome of their education and they don’t receive any part of the money that they are responsible for.
C. Today I’d like to speak to you about why these athletes deserve some type of pay, first off on how it’s becoming more of a job nowadays, how they contribute, and why people believe they don’t. Body Paragraph #1
Claim: Playing big time sports in college is starting to become more of a job than an extracurricular activity.
A. Robert and Amy McCormick think it’s definitively a job for football and basketball players on athletic scholarships at big time Division-1 schools, they argue that they are treated as “employees” under federal labor laws and entitled to form unions and negotiate hours and working conditions.
B. “There are many more demands put on these young men than any employee of the university,” says Robert McCormick. “These young men are laboring under very strict and arduous conditions, so they really are laborers in terms of physical demands on them while they’re also trying to go to attend school at the same time.
C. The player might have to postpone taking courses until the summer. Athletes don’t have free choice of what major they take if the classes conflict with practice schedules. “There are similarities to it being a job, as I look back there is a time allotment that is expected of you,” says Hicks a 1991 graduate.
Transitional Sentence: Therefor it should be looked at as more of a job nowadays rather than an extracurricular activity.

Body Paragraph #2
Claim: The scholarship size should be increased or a small salary should be added on to cover the…...

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