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Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.

In March, 2010, I initiated the concept of “Englishnization” in Rakuten which required exclusive use of English as an in-house language in the next two years.

I intend to make Rakuten not only the number 1 company in japan but the number 1 Internet service company in the world. Japan’s GDP in 2050 would shrink from 12% in 2006 to 3%, keeping this in mind we needed to expand globally and the only way to sustain that level of growth was through Englishnization. I also feel that fast and direct communication is the only way to integrate across various businesses in different nations and to insert Rakuten into non-Japanese market. Change was necessary for the global growth that we were aiming at.

The initial goal to achieve TOEIC score, over 650 by April 2012 was set. Lots of foreign media such as CNN, Financial Times, covered our challenge and Harvard Business School made a case study about Rakuten’s Englishnization. However, this is not a temporary campaign or a astunt for publicity, but a must-do thing in order for Rakuten to become a globally successful company. This is good thing for Rakuten employees because English will open up their vision to what’s happening all over the world. I strongly believe that Rakuten’s success in Englishnization will change the conservative custom and system in Japan.

I had instructed three primary phases consisting of assessment and measurement, first where the staff was required to do a two hour reading, listening and comprehension for business English. Second was wherein guest lectures were invited to teach English. Third was proficiency where the people are encouraged to communicate their ideas, present and defend logical arguments. It does not make sense to teach until you actually apply.

The initiative was faced with a lot of resistance on its…...

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