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Perhaps the greatest threat to environmentalism was the already weaken environment. By the 1960s, the effects of war were signs or the dramatic economic growth of the postwar era was becoming a big eye sore. Water pollution has always been a big issue to the environment and the wildlife that shares it. In Cleveland, Ohio, the Cuyahoga River would actually catch on fire from time to time beginning in the 1950s from petroleum waste run of flowing into the river.
Perhaps more alarming was the growing awareness that the air pollution has become unhealthy, there was concerns with the harmful fumes from the factories and power plants but you could not leave out the pollution from the exhaust from cars that was poisoning the atmosphere. Scientist would kindly set a new factor into everyday life referencing to “smog” levels using a new word that was drafted from the words smoke that was combined with fog. In larger cities like Los Angeles and Denver were the ones over ran with big smog clouds that became part of everyone life, graduate growing through the day, blocking out the sun, and creating breathing problems for a lot of concern people living in the city.
Environmentalists also brought to public attention some longer-term dangers of unchecked industrial development: The over use of oils and other non-makeable fossil fuels; the recreation of lakes and forests as a result of acid rain. The rapid destruction of vast rain forests without putting back the supply we take out, in Brazil and elsewhere, which limited the earth’s capacity to replenish its oxygen supply. the depletion of the ozone layer as a result of the release of chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere, which threatened to limit the earth’s protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun; and most alarming, global warming, which if unchecked would create dramatic changes in the earth’s…...

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