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DATE: 11/27/2012
TO: Thomas Glenz
FROM: Ramona Alexander
RE: Intellectual Property

I think that with the yearly fees that are requested to maintain the patents are forbidding expensive for small businesses, small flexible batteries used in things like radio frequency identification tags. They develop a plan that helps go after I. P. protection in a limited number of countries that we think we are most likely to sell or manufacture in, like the U. S, China and many other countries. I think that some of the choices depend on what your business plan details and also with the decision that you choose to make. In the process of deciding a strategy make sure that you have different resources that you are able to go by and also be able to talk to a lawyer. Thomas Edison created the first innovation factory which is an intellectual property consulting company based in Boston. One of the legal business issues raised in this article is being able to secure intellectual property rights. The fact that someone else can steal your idea and make your product theirs unknowingly using the same things that you used should be illegal. I suppose they figure that it takes more time and money spent than given when your company isn’t that big. I think that this is unfair and that in a way a person’s rights are being violated because no one should be able to copy or steal another person’s idea. I think that in this particular case that the legal issue affects business in a number of ways, one reason is because it would make me feel unsafe. People are already taking material things from each other, so the thought that a person would actually steal your idea is in a way intimidating for me. Honestly, I don’t think that this problem could have been avoided because we…...

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