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Every year there are many laws that are added or revised in the state of Missouri along within in the United States. I think it is a great thing that we go back and revise laws, because nothing ever stays the same. In our society things change every day and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with. I was looking through some pending laws and one caught my eye. The house bill number is 1253 (HB1253). This bill has to do with our criminal justice system and it is sponsored by Don Ruzicka. The HB1253 currently includes that someone convicted of a crime or pleads guilty is subject to restitution, perform free work, treatment programs, work release programs, and community-based residential and nonresidential programs. The portion that is pending approval is that those who are convicted or plead guilty, will have to provide payment of prosecutorial and investigative costs which can include: salaries of employees of the prosecuting or circuit attorney’s office, investigation agencies and the probation and parole office. Not only are they to pay these costs, but there will be a time frame and punishment for those who do not. In each judgment, that is given these costs must be included, whether the defendant has the ability to pay or not. The defendant will be required to pay the amount by a specific date and if it is not paid the defendant can be arrested. The circuit court will be able to collect from any type of income to pay this debt. I personally could not find any interest groups regarding the type of law that I chose. I do however can of people that would support it. I think any tax payer would support this law so that our tax dollars can towards something more beneficial. Even lawyers and those involved in the investigation such as police departments would support this law. Instead…...

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