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Ethno-Religious Conflict
The increase in ethnic conflicts around the world is a reality. The conflicts that arise from ethnicity-related factors now are as important as issues that substantially determine the course of international relations, such as political and economic globalization, the balance of power, regionalization, terrorism, and the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
Ethnic conflicts can have an important religious dimension. Religion is potentially a very important element of ethnicity; in fact, some ethnic groups have their primary origin in religion.
The salience of religion to ethnicity is illustrated in
Kashmir. The identification of an ethnic group is determined by common perceptions among its members. Conflict among these groups carries an ethnic quality to it. If there is a primary religious difference among the conflictual parties, ethnic conflict can assume a specifically religious dimension—labeled by Fox as ‘‘ethnoreligious’’ conflicts.
Kashmir is a prime example of this type of conflict.
There are several definitions of ethnicity, ethnic conflict, and ethno-religious conflict. We have presented some definitions about ethnic and ethno-religious conflicts on which there is a fair consensus. However, there is no consensus among students of ethnic conflict as to the causes of these conflicts. To a certain extent, agreement exists that some combination of economic, political, and psychological factors can explain ethnic conflict.
However, the consensus ends there. Depending on the cases studied, various explanations are put forward by scholars, diverse theories are created, and evidence from different cases is used to support these theories. Yet since the aim of this study is to evaluate the role of religion between ethnic conflicts and foreign policy, studies on the internationalization of ethnic conflict will…...

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