Ethics and Diversity

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Ethics and Diversity
According to “”(n.d.) “Ethics is defined as a system of moral principles, or the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc”. Apple has upheld the finest code of ethics amongst the top US companies. According to “Apple Suppliers Code of Conduct” (n.d.), “suppliers must be committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct when dealing with workers, suppliers, and customers” (Ethics). Externally Apple holds their business integrity above the normal company standard. Corruption, extortion, and embezzlement, in any form, are strictly prohibited. Supplier shall not violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices (FCPA), any international anti-corruption convention, and applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations of the countries in which operate, and shall not engage in corruption, extortion or embezzlement in any form ("Apple Supplier Code Of Conduct", n.d.). Controlling is one function of management that Apple strives at doing. Apple monitors the way their products perform and make the appropriate updates when needed. Apple also makes sure their goals, as a company, are being fulfilled, meeting customer’s needs and increasing sales. This also lets apple be diverse because no other business is doing busy they way they right now. Apple has also introduced the Iphone and the Ipad and has taken the world by storm with these two products. This also helps them with being diverse because they are in both the smartphone market and tablet market. Another form of management that Apple uses is leading. Apple stimulates employees to come up with great ideals for their two innovated products the Iphone and Ipad whether it is the design of these two products or the software that these two product use.

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