Ethics Groups and Discrimination

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination
August 22, 2010
Vanessa A. Lee

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination
The group that I choose to do is German. German citizens immigrated to other European countries in the 1700’s to avoid extremely violent conditions, and not for political reasons, unlike most others. In 1709 about 15,000 people left for Britain and about 3,000 for America. By 1745 about 45,000 were living in Pennsylvania (Thinkquest, N/A).
In the 1800’s Germans continued to immigrate into the US in very large numbers. Only a small number of Germans moved into larger cities. About one third of the agricultural industry was made up of German-born farmers. These farmers would sometimes forfeit more fertile ground to settle closer to other German farmers. Even in the cities, Germans would cluster into small communities. There they would form a smaller version of Germany. They would create prominent German businesses like breweries, bakeries, cigar makers, and so on. Women on the other hand would be working as house cleaners, laundry workers, nurses, peddlers and others, instead of factory work and clerks like their American counterparts (Thinkquest, N/A). In the 2000 census nearly one-sixth of the population in the US showed at least some German ancestry (Schaefer, 2004).
Throughout my research I have found no evidence of any type of discrimination, including racism, segregation, or prejudice, possibly due to the large number of immigrants that began and continued to enter the US. They, along with the English, were two of the three largest groups to immigrate, and continued that way for many years. ”By 1790, when the first census of Americans was taken, more than 8.6 percent of the overall population of the United States was German, although in Pennsylvania more than 33 percent was German (Rippley, 2010) .”
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