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RE: U.S Supreme Court Argument

Premise 1: Minors need be protected by violent video games
Premise 2: Minors are involved in brutal crimes because of violent video games
Premise 3: The government can be blamed for not protecting its citizens from the gaming industry
Conclusion: Citizens who play violent video games should be protected by the government to prevent violent crimes

As we look into each premise we see that the first two premises are true. However, the third premise is false. The involvement by the government in private industry would be in violation of our first amendment right. However, the government can impose restrictions and sanctions by which the material could only be sold to the general public who is 18 years or older.
The conclusion in my opinion is false. The involvement by the government to issue sanctions to the video gaming industry to reduce violence is an honorable thing, however, the only sanction imposed to say that the industry needs to inform the public of the violent content, restrict the sale to only adults and the rest unfortunately is left to the parent to use their discretion on who or how the product is used.
The argument unfortunately is invalid and is unsound. The beliefs that the violent video games have proven people who play those tend to “role play” in society as if it was a live version of the video game is valid. The fact minors who play violent video games act out more often and are more capable to commit brutal crimes is very valid. Unfortunately, we live in a non-police society which means the government can regulate what or how we do things, but cannot control. This premise, of coarse, is a “slippery slope” and one could say they are the same thing. The government should impose regulations to the industry, but more importantly, educate the general public on…...

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