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Etiquette is the rules by which we handle ourselves in social situations such as around a dinner table, the way we dress appropriately for different functions or appropriate behavior when meeting strangers or people from other cultures. The basis for good etiquette is a respect that you show towards your fellow men and what you expect other people to behave towards you in a civilized and orderly manner.

Etiquette is important to order and regulate social situations especially where strangers meet for the first time and again a sign of respect towards each other. It is also an important tool for people to be accepted into a social circle of their choosing.

The first example of etiquette which I use in my own life is how to conduct myself towards people older than me or people in authority over me. My attitude should be respectful and my body language should show it in things like a humble but self-assured way. This can be achieved by an upright but not proud body position, down cast highs but direct looks when spoken to, a firm but efficient hand shake, not for too long. Your tone of voice should be clear and even with no trace of aggression.

The second example is how to conduct yourself when meeting strangers. The etiquette around this theme can differ from group to group, for example, more informal when meeting peers, a difference when mixed genders meet each other and when younger and older people meet. When meeting a peer of a same gender, a person can easily move from initial friendliness to a more intermit greeting on the first name terms. General exchange of information can take place without any embarrassment to both parties like stating your name, surname, where you come from, which school you are in and what you are interested in. questions like these must be put casually but not too in timid. When meeting someone of opposite sex for…...

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