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What you need to know about banquet halls
We receive about 10 phone calls a day and about 15 emails a day. 95% of the inquiries is about wanting to have a reception or party at the lowest price. This is understandable but it's important to know what it takes to have a special event.
1. Ordering: linens, food, etc.
2. Set up - cleaning floors, set up tables, chairs, putting on linens, table settings, etc.
3. Payroll - It is necessary to have at least 2 chefs, wait staff, bartender, security, coordinator
4. Making sure your event goes smoothly is what we call "behind the scenes" and this consists of things you may never know go on. For instance, is the cake arriving on time, is the food order correct or perhaps something is missing, the DJ needs to have the list of songs and know the order of event, restrooms need to be supplied regularly, spills need to be cleaned up right away etc.
5. Clean up - Kitchen to be completely cleaned, All dishes/silverware/pots/pans to be cleaned, all linens removed & sent out to be cleaned, all tables and chairs moved to clean floors and polish, bar area to be cleaned etc.
6. Utilities - The A/C units have to be set at about 65 degrees with all the people in the room. Lights, ovens, ice machine, etc all adds us tremendously!
7. Overhead - Rent, advertisement costs, print costs etc.

It is a misconception that the price per person is just the food. In fact, that can't be farther from the truth. Remember too that when you go to a restaurant to eat, you are there only 20-30 minutes and sharing the restaurant with others with no DJ. A restaurant is priced with the conception that they turn over guests in 20 minutes on average (if they didn't they would go out of business fast)! But with an event, you and your guests are there for at least 4 hours on average. You get the hall all to yourselves and we even include the DJ for your…...

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