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Katie Krause
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Abortion Paper
7 December 2008

Abortion Debate According to the philosopher Jane English, the typical question, “Is the fetus a person?” is irrelevant. The reason why it is irrelevant is because of many different reasons for what qualifies something to be a “person”. There are many factors in what most identify as a person. They say there are five parts: Body, Mind, Reason, Social, and Laws. The biological factors are things such as having a genetic code, and being able to eat and sleep is a necessity, because it is what creates life. Psychological factors such as consciousness and the ability to use language is another part of what they classify as “personhood”. Rationality factors are having the ability to reason, and decipher between right and wrong. To be a person, you are equipped with rights from the law. Also, you have to be a social being, which is having the ability to love things and people, and have feelings such as compassion and hatred. The reason why saying a fetus is a person and that is why you cannot kill it is irrelevant, is because not every human being qualifies for all of these parts of being a “person”, and so just because a fetus does not qualify for all of those factors, doesn’t mean it is or is not a person. A person in a coma does not have the ability to communicate, nor does an infant, but they are still people. What IS relevant in the debate about abortion is having psychological similarity and bodily continuity. The psychological similarity is between a fetus and a baby. They have about the same psychological standpoint. The bodily continuity is between a baby and an adult. It is growing and living. It is made up of live cells that are all living and need nutrition just like an adult human being. I have thought about ideas such as what a fetus resembles, but not as in depth as the philosophers. The rule that…...

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