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The chosen application for this Consumer review is the Facebook social networking application. It is an application version of the Facebook website. Allowing users to create pages and talk to friends etc. This review accesses the application version on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and all conclusions are biased to its functionality on this device. The Facebook website is used as a comparison of the applications abilities.
Target Market
Facebook itself has a large target demographic allowing for old and young users to familiarize themselves quickly with its layout and functions. Because of its nature as a social networking application it has a wide appeal from Grandmothers to School Kids. Facebook Mobile users are so many that online statistics site Statistics Brain puts the number of Mobile Users at 680,000,000 (Statistics Brain, Facebook). With this it is hard to see the specific target market and one must generalize that Facebook try’s to appeal to a wide range.

Widely Accessible available on all platforms and nearly all version for android operating system. It is also available on all iPhone and windows 7.5 and 8 phones. Its high availability is a testament to the power behind the application and the website that started it Facebook.com.

Why an Application
The Facebook application is a condensed version of the Facebook website allowing nearly all the available features of the website as an application to help with mobile data usage. The pages are already framed and saved inside the application meaning only the bare data of the updates needs to be acquired.

User Interface
The user interface is designed with a top down menu system, with 5 buttons across the top of the page allowing all navigator around the application. The First button is a menu button that is a dropdown menu allowing full navigation around the…...

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