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The Dynamics of Writing and Family
“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand."
-- Bruce Fairchild Barton, advertising executive and congressman Uncle would say, "There are certain inalienable truths you must accept." So when I raged about Atheists being disqualified for holding office in Arkansas or how it's illegal to carry a bible in Singapore, he'd say, "Write it down. Let it out." I've filled four journals. On an idle Thursday, when my mind was free of frustration, I read the crumpled, yellowed pages of my black leather journal and saw a natural progression from black to color. I had precisely captured all my experiences, but in an entirely aesthetic way. From then on, every time I opened my journal, I found myself in an unfamiliar environment writing to capture a mood or scene with creative language. It was my therapeutic getaway from reality. In the summertime, every Sunday, after taking a rattling cold bus, two smoky, humid subway trains, and picking up the best peanuts on 114th street, I would arrive at Riverside Park, New York. I wrote at least one piece every time I was there and shared my work with the same old man who perused the New York Times and the same skinny college student who sunbathed in her bikini. After noting any criticism they gave, I would return home, edit and embellish each piece. This is what I enjoyed most. This is what I wanted to do. But this is not what a first generation American son of strict Indian Muslim parents pursues. He is to become a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson—not a writer. My parents told me that I would either make it big or not make it at all, and no one knew for sure what was destined to happen to me if I were to choose the writing path. My…...

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