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Family dysfunctions Dysfunctions in a family occur when there are conflicts between the family members, violence, drug abuse or infidelity. Basically, dysfunction occurs when the basic needs in a family are affected by internal or external factors. Actually, internal factors like violence, conflicts, psychiatric disorder or single parenthood in a family will affect the basic needs of that family. Similarly, external factors like unemployment, betting, infidelity and drug abuse affects the basic needs in a family thus leading to family dysfunctions. They are mainly caused by disagreements between both parents or between the parents and the children. Besides, infidelity is also a major cause that leads to most of the parents divorcing (Wallerstein 450). Parental strife can be initiated by disrespectful comments that can lead to a nasty fight and eventually domestic violence. Simply, domestic violence is any kind of intimidating behavior, violence or insults between the parents who have been intimate. The children of these parents suffer physically and psychologically when they observe such incidences in their homes. Parental strife has a great impact on the children unlike other traumatic events that children face because; in most cases they are usually uncontrollable. Conflicts between the parents can be controlled in front of the children. It is the main cause of divorce in many families and the spouses can later become frustrated and desperate. For example, David Vann’s parents divorced after undergoing many conflicts that were caused by his father’s extramarital affairs and he explains how his father underwent stress and depression after the separation. He says “His movements came in cycles that were closing in steadily around him. He kicked wildly at the…...

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