Fantastic Voyage

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“Fantastic Voyage!”
Aretha Saunders-Phillips
HS130, Section #4
Unit #9 Assignment
Kaplan University
April 1, 2014

Fantastic Voyage

Walter, a 55 year old male has just eaten a hamburger, French fries and a root beer. Our mission is to travel through the gastrointestinal tract as a video reporter and monitor the digestion of Walter’s meal. First we enter through the mouth where food is broken down into smaller molecules by the teeth. The teeth are hard organs found along the anterior and lateral edges of the mouth. Teeth are made up of a bone-like structure called dentin and covered in a enamel layer for hardness. The tongue contains rough papillae, which grips food as it is moved the tongue muscles. The tongue also helps to push food toward the posterior part of the mouth for swallowing. In the mouth there are 3 sets of salivary glands that produce a watery secretion know as saliva. With the assistance of salivary enzymes or saliva the food particles are moistened and are then able for the tongue and other muscles to push the food into the pharynx, which is connected to the posterior end of the mouth. We are now travelling downward through a long muscular tube that extends from the pharynx to the stomach and the food will then enter the esophagus. The pharynx serves two different functions in the digestive system; it has a flap of tissue called the epiglottis that acts as a switch to route food to the esophagus and air to the larynx (, 2001). The food has now entered the esophagus and we are experiencing a series of rhythmic, wave like muscle movements, called peristalsis. This movement forces food from the throat to the stomach. We have entered the stomach which is a large muscular sac located on the left side of the abdominal cavity, just inferior to the diaphragm. The stomach is lined with a mucous membrane which contains…...

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