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Textbook Assignments **All of the material below is on the digital history (see course home page) **You will be tested on all of this material on the respective quizzes

Native Americans (Read this for quiz 1) “ The First Americans” (Not a link…go to the assigned website)

European Society (Read this for quiz 1) Colonial Era/Exploration and Discovery The Significance of 1492 European Commercial and Financial Expansion Slavery and Spanish Colonization The Meaning of America The Black Legend Colonial Era/17th Century (Read below for quiz 1) European Colonization North of Mexico Spanish Colonization English Settlement Colonial Era/17 century (Read below for quiz 2) English Colonization Begins Life in Early Virginia Slavery Takes Root in Colonial Virginia Founding New England The Puritans The Puritan Idea of the Covenant Regional Contrasts Dimensions of Change in Colonial New England The Salem Witch Scare Slavery in the Colonial North Struggles for Power in Colonial America Diversity in Colonial America The Middle Colonies: New York Fear of Slave Revolts The Middle Colonies: William Penn’s Holy Commonwealth The Southernmost Colonies: The Carolinas and Georgia Colonial Administration (Read below for quiz 2) No readings th Road to Revolution (Read for quiz 3) Colonial America/18th Century The The The The The The Emergence of New Ideas about Personal Liberties and Constitutional Rights Great Awakening Seven Years’ War Rise of Antislavery Sentiment Fate of Native Americans Road to Revolution

American Revolution (Read for quiz 3) Entire Chapter on American Revolution Introduction Why should we care about the American Revolution? Why did the American Revolution take place? The Road to Revolution The Revolution Begins Why did the colonists rebel and the British resist? Declaring Independence Was the Revolution justified? The Revolutionary War How were the colonies able to…...

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