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Fiction Analysis
1. Title of Selection: The Rocking-Horse Winner
2. Author: D.H. Lawrence was born in England and wrote this story to demonstrate issues with men and women that are in relationships.
3. Theme: The main theme that is being expressed throughout the short story is that absolute power corrupts humans. The little boy, Paul, had the power to guess who would win the next horse race and it is because of this, he was able to gain lots of money. It would only after he had gained all this money that he began to realize that this was not the right thing to be done.
4. Summary of the Selection: The story begins with the narration of Paul’s mom. She is a beautiful woman with many features, yet she does not have any luck. The reason why she had no luck was because she married someone who was unlucky. It was because of this unluckiness that she was unable to bring in a sufficient source of income to tend to her children. Paul then began to realize that he himself had luck, and that the more he rode on a horse of his, the more he was able to guess which horse would win the next derby or race. As time progressed in the novel, he began to become unlucky and this unluckiness was eating him alive. Soon he was barley able to function or better yet even think. As the story comes to an end he dies because of uncertainty.
5. Figurative Language:
Personification and Smile: “ And then the house whispers at you like people laughing behind your back” (pg 314)
Simile: “The voices in the house suddenly went mad, like a chorus of frogs on a spring evening. (pg 315)
Alliteration: And yet the voices in the house . . . simply trilled and screamed in a sort of ecstasy: “There must be more money!”

6. Elements of Fiction •Characters: - Protagonist— Paul - Antagonist—The House and the Family’s Bad Luck - Other significant characters: Paul’s…...

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