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Jerry: What’s interesting about me and my role in the company is I’m just this guy on the street. A person who’s fairly conventional, mainstream, accepting of life as it is. Ben:

Salt of the earth. A man of the people.

Jerry: But then I’ve got this friend, Ben, who challenges everything. It’s against his nature to do anything the same way anyone’s ever done it before. To which my response is always, “I don’t think that’ll work.”

To which my response is always, “How do we know until we try?”

Jerry: So I get to go through this leading-edge, risk-taking experience with Ben—even though I’m really just like everyone else.

The perfect duo. Ice cream and chunks. Business and social change. Ben and
—Ben & Jerry’s Double-Dip

As Henry Morgan’s plane passed over the snow-covered hills of Vermont’s dairy land, through his mind passed the events of the last few months. It was late January 2000. Morgan, the retired dean of Boston University’s business school, knew well the trip to Burlington. As a member of the board of directors of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade for the past 13 years, Morgan had seen the company grow both in financial and social stature. The company was now not only an industry leader in the super-premium ice cream market, but also commanded an important leadership position in a variety of social causes from the dairy farms of Vermont to the rainforests of South America.
Increased competitive pressure and Ben & Jerry’s declining financial performance had triggered a number of takeover offers for the resolutely independent-minded company. Today’s board meeting had been convened to consider the pending offers. Morgan expected a lively

This case was prepared by Professor Michael J. Schill with research assistance from Daniel Burke, Vern Hines,
Sangyeon Hwang, Wonsang Kim, Vincente…...

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