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Name of Company: Apple
Website: I picked Apple as I use their products. I feel they represent quality; and they seem to be introducing new products regularly staying competitive in the market even if they do cost more. Innovation is mentioned on the website under the Environment-Environmental Responsibility tab. It is also mentioned in the press release section of the website. I feel the ease of use of use of the products and the sleek design are what helps to make them innovative. Their computers also seem to perform better with less virus issues. They have built an incredible brand with a loyal customer base. They also offer a wide range of technologies including computer, tablets, phones, and TV, music and retail stores.
Name of Company: 3M
Website: I picked 3M as it supplies many areas of personal and business environments with a vast array of products from health and dental care, office use and abrasives, etc. Innovation is mentioned on the main page, under the about us tab, it states “Innovation is a way of life, ideas constantly in motions.” (About Us. Retrieved from It is also mentioned under the who we are tab. I feel 3M is innovative as they continue to have a large success rate in the products they produce and they are continually searching for the next product. The ideas seem to be in constant production for household, medical and manufacturing environments.
Name of Company: Amazon
Website: I selected Amazon as it is truly the first retail store to be successful online. A person is able to find just about any product desired on Amazon. They offer personalized shopping, competitive pricing, a large selection of products and the website is easy to use. Innovation is mentioned in the overview section, specifically technological innovation. I feel Amazon is innovative as…...

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 Innovative Widgets aims to provide our customer's with the best quality products and competitive prices. We aim to provide our staff with advanced training to ensure that you get the best possible service from our company. We have very organized IT departments to do its best to help costumers achieve customer satisfaction. Externally our company aims to create closer linkages and better communication with customers giving them most reliable widget technology with unparalleled customer service. Product standards 
 For the best revolutionary company we can provide the best products. Consumers are guarantees for products, if you buy a product (such as widgets): 
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