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Business Plan for:

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Business plan contents

Executive summary 4

1 Executive summary 4

2 Business details 5

3 Key personnel 6

Vision 8

4 The business idea 8

5 Business goals 9

6 What the business does 10

7 What makes the business different 11

8 Legal requirements 12

Sales and marketing 13

9 Market research 13

10 Profiling customers 14

11 Profiling competitors 15

12 Managing market risks 16

13 Pricing 17

14 Promotion and advertising 18

Running the business 19

15 Staff 19

16 Premises 20

17 Suppliers 21

18 Equipment 22

19 Managing operational risks 23

Finance 24

20 Start-up costs 24

21 Profit and loss forecast 25

22 Sourcing finance 26

23 Managing financial risks 27

24 Cashflow forecast 28

Executive summary

| | |
| |1 Executive summary (We suggest you complete this section after you have completed the other sections of the Business Plan.) | |

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