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When choosing a hospital in which to receive care there are elements that are important to each individual. Knowing that honest, compassionate, and respectful individuals will care for the patient is important to those who are making that choice. There are certain aspects within a hospital that make it a healing hospital. The care given by the healing hospitals is different because of important changes that they have made. The changes that facilities and individuals make to not only include, but focus on faith improves the experience and outcome for the patient.
Important Differences of nurses
Choosing a staff that has a willingness to serve is of utmost importance to those choosing care (Journal of Sacred Work, 2009). Nurses have a unique interaction with the patient and a unique view of the body (Maclaren, 2009). The way the nursing staff treats and views the patient has a direct affect on the care they give, and the outcome of the patient. The work that nurses do for the hospital extends far beyond tasks and documentation (DeMoro, 2010). The nurse who focuses on healing and respect for life will do more than treat the condition, they will do all possible to heal the patient.
Important Differences of the Facility
The facility itself and all those in the facility also have a role (Zarren, 2009). The organization needs to focus more on healing and maintaining wellness, than profits. Focusing on prevention will bring down costs and improve the community. The facility needs to maintain high quality tools and education to support and heal the sick that are present. The focus of wholeness and wellness needs to be embraced by all. The facility needs to embrace a safe atmosphere for the patient and the staff. The facility and all those involved need to recognize and respect diversity. The facility needs to reflect the attitude of a healing experience in…...

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...suffered the loss are still going through the trauma of bereavement and fear. It is evident that after this type of crisis individual, group, and community suffer loss of property, love ones, cultural unity and spiritual belief in isolation. Although they are given material supports and even moral supports, it cannot be compared with the spirituality effectiveness that survivors gone through. This is a major issue which needs to be addressed apart from medical treatment, I strongly believe that spiritual restoration should be put in place to help resolve the immediate crisis and help restore the victim to a sense of normalcy or level of functioning equal to or higher than prior to the crisis. Most disaster survivors tend to look for higher power as a source for strength and hope during these difficult times. Therefore spiritual care providers should be made available to assist them to regain their trust in God and healing of minds. Community nurses are among the first group of people to reach the survivors therefore they are obligated to serve, care, and comfort them, They should also console the victims of their spiritual distress by listening to their stories without interruption, providing a sense of safety and security, and helping them to find resources such as pastoral care and if appropriate pray with them.

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