For Better or for Worst

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For Better or for Worst
Sarah Stillman addresses the sweatshop debate from a primarily utilitarian standpoint. This standpoint doesn’t consider multiple important factors and is not an indication of how people actually act. In my opinion, Stillman’s stance reveals a failure to address the globalized nature of the sweatshop phenomenon with regards to the ease with which corporations are capable of moving their operations to other countries. On the other hand, she does bring up important ethical concerns that should be addressed. In her 2005 essay Made by Us: Young Women, Sweatshops, and the Ethics of Globalization, author Sarah Stillman provides the reader with a narrative of her experiences interacting with young women employed in Latin American sweatshops. She indicates that she believes that globalization – a process marked by the growing interconnectedness of global systems – has been lead to a proliferation of sweatshop factories in the third world and expresses concern that young women are “increasingly bearing the burdens of globalization while reaping relatively few of its tremendous rewards" . Although it is not explicitly stated in her essay, Stillman seems to espouse a primarily utilitarian philosophy in her moral judgements of the sweatshop industry. John Stuart Mill, an English philosopher and founder of the utilitarian school of moral reasoning, describes it as the following: [t]he creed which accepts as the foundation of morals, utility, or the greatest happiness principles, holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness
Author Anthony Weston expands upon this statement, indicating that he believes utilitarianism is a “moral commitment to the happiness of all, to the good of the whole... [a state in which] more is better and the most the best.” The moral…...

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