Ford Sync with Hispanic Audience

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Assignment 4 – Ford Sync with Hispanic Audience

1. Briefly summarize the key decisions behind this campaign.

Some of the key decisions behind this campaign is the importance of the advertising marriage with Ford Sync, Juanes, and the ability to target the audience that likes to listen to their mp3 players in the car during their long commutes to and from work. The advertising specialists did a very good job of what it looks like hitting every marketing channel they could. SYNC Zones at Juanes concerts,, banner ads, video banners, paid search, widget clocks or temperature gauges, email blasts, magazine and newspaper ads, radio spots, talking billboards, text messaging, and social media blasts on Facebook and Twitter. This type of campaign is like the poster child for efficient marketing for a targeting a specific audience that had a very high turn out. 2. Now apply the Facets Model of Effects (Figure 4.3) to analyze how the campaign worked. See pp. 106-121. There should be a paragraph on each of the following areas (no more than two double-spaced pages): · See/Hear (perception) The see/hear perception of this campaign goes very deep into the other effects that control human emotion. Since the target audience of this campaign is deeply influenced by music, why not bring one of the biggest music stars of that time into the mix. Juanes has a huge impact on the Hispanic culture that works very long hours for what we would perceive as little pay. This demographic is also a very tech savvy group of people that love their ability to connect their music to multiple devices. Bringing a car that can control what music they listen to by voice guidance is very appealing. · Feel (affective/emotion) The feel perception of this effect brings a very intangible approach to this…...

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