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Kyle Williamson
Mr. Russell
December 1, 2010
Tough decision
The story Begins with a detailed description of the view of the river Ebro, and the white hills beyond it, from a train station in Barcelona. A man and a woman are having some drinks at the bar in the station as they wait for the train to Barcelona. The woman’s name is jig and the man’s name is unknown to us. As the couple drinks, the woman tells that man that the hills in the distance remind her of "white elephants." (Hemingway). The man says that he does not think they look like white elephants. This sparks a little argument between them, which the woman tries to avoid by pointing out a painting which is advertising liquor. The couple decides to have some more drinks.
As they continue to drink their conversation remains tense. The man than begins trying to convince jig to have an abortion, But only, he says, if she wants to. He explains to her how simple of an operation it is. Jig wants to know if this will solve their problems, and get their relationship back on track (Hemingway). He tells her that their relationship is on track, but that he is distracted because of his "worry" over the pregnancy (Gummy). She agrees to have the abortion, but says she is only agreeing because she no longer cares about herself. The woman is trying to make the man feel guilty.
Without actually saying it the man tells jig that he is willing to have the baby, but implies that he would prefer that she have the abortion. He then responds by saying he doesn’t want her to have the abortion if she doesn’t want it. The woman is worried because she wants to have the baby, but does not want to lose him. The man is content with their current life and does not want it to change.
The story ends buy the man picking up the bags and going to the other side of the tracks. There is a lot of dispute on what this could mean.…...

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