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Situation 1: Susan, a pharmaceutical representative, must create a presentation about a new drug recently approved by the FDA. She wants to know the main functions of Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Susan’s gathered data includes graphs, videos, and statistics of the new drug.

To begin, I would start with explaining the key functions of Microsoft PowerPoint and explain to Susan how the application would apply to her situation. Since she is not accustomed to using PowerPoint and how to start a presentation, I would explain how to get her started in creating a presentation. I would accomplish this by explaining step-by-step how to select a layout for her first slide, how to insert data into the slide, and how to format it to suit her needs. I would refrain from getting too deep into detail since she is very unaccustomed to using PowerPoint. Sticking with the basics to get her started is what I intend to accomplish here so I can avoid confusing her.
If she has any further issues, I would suggest that she start from scratch and I would explain the process to her in steps to try and figure out the best method to getting her through the process of creating a presentation. Since she has some of her information ready to be inputted into PowerPoint, I would assist her in ensuring that she input the information the best possible way for the best effect to which she intends to use it for. I would also refer her to the Microsoft Office Online website, where she would be able to find additional assistance in creating and improving her presentation. The Microsoft Office Online website has a large database of support for users for beginners and advanced users…...

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