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Functional area relationship: Riordan manufacturing

BUS\475- Integrated Business Topics

Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan is the largest industry capable of making polymer products .Their products are unique and are well designed. They are proud on their strategic planning and intelligence due to which they are able to make unique products. To satisfy their customers and fulfill their demands, the mission of the company is that the work and processes should be perfect and precise. Riordan manufacturing have well disciplined staff, proper management, excellent strategic planning and time to time communication are the qualities of Riordan can be analyzed through their way of working in new projects. To fulfill the client’s requirements they work in intensive care environment to make their product perfect. Due to remarkable reputation Riordan is spreading their industry to provide better services and products to the maximum number of clients all over the world. According to the need of the market they have now started to make medical supplies and plastic bottles. They are trying to get maximum resources to make different variety of products from the polymer. To make their reputation regarding to superior quality they have build a plant in china to supply their product globally. The motive of Riordan is that “No compromise in quality”.

Reasons for Riordan’s existence

Riordan is marketing their products worldwide. The aim of the company is that maximum number of customers should be benefited to avail good quality of polymer products. To accomplish their plan they have hired extra ordinary skilled workers. They have 550 employs which are working precisely and with unique skills, which have revenue of approximately 1 billion dollars. Employees are free to give new ideas which may be benefited for the company. Riordan produces different…...

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