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Gateway Inc.
Theory in Practice
Eduardo Ordóñez
Professor Meilich
BUS 444

May 7, 2004

Ticker: GTW
Stock Exchange: NYSE
Company Description
Gateway Inc. was first incorporated in Iowa in 1986, with the name of Gateway 2000, Inc. It was then reincorporated in South Dakota in December of 1989 and later in Delaware in January of 1991. In 1993, the company went public, trading on the NASDAQ before transferring its stock to the New York Stock Exchange in 1997. Today, the company’s corporate headquarters are located in California in the city of Poway. As a major supplier of personal computers and related products and services, Gateway Inc. is a firm currently competing in the computer manufacturing industry along with Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Toshiba, Apple, and others. It does not only manufacture PCs and laptops, the company also offers servers, workstations, an assortment of computer accessories (monitors, printers, software, memory, etc.), and a line of digital electronics. Gateway Inc. has a broad target market. It consists of small to large business, government and educational institutions, and home and home office. It sells its products nationally through a number distribution channels, including its Website, telephone call centers, and retail stores. The company’s mission is “to be the leading integrator of personalized technology solutions,” by “improving the quality of life through technology,” via “leadership, Innovation, Caring, Honesty, Discipline and Focus.”
Why Gateway?
Since I was a child I have been attracted to the mechanics behind every toy I was given to play with. This curiosity developed into a hobby as electronic components, computers, and other gadgets have become my toys. As a college student I would like for this hobby to evolve into a career by one day working for a…...

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