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es"NOBELANG ROMANSA" Ang nobelang nilikha ni Paulo Coelho na "The Zahir" ay maiuuri natin sa nobelang romansa. Ang nobelang romansa ay tungkol sa pag-ibig. Kadalasan, ito ay nakatuon ang pansin sa dalawang tauhan na nahuhulog ang loob sa isa't isa pero patuloy na may hinaharap na mg hadlang at sa huli ay nagagawa nilang lampasan ang mga ito at nagkakaroon ng masayang katapusan. Ito ay dahil sa makikita sa nilalaman ng libro ang tungkol sa pagmamahalan ng dalawang tauhan —isang hindi pinangalanang manunulat at ang asawa niyang si Esther. Mababasa na ang dalawa ay tunay na nagmamahalan. Bagamat nagkaroon sila ng di-pagkakaintindihan at madaming pinagdaanan gaya ng pag-alis ni Esther o ang pangungulila ng pangunahing tauhan, sa huli ay nagkaroon ng magandang katapusan at nagkita silang muli at naipahayag nila ang pagmamahal nila sa isa't isa.
"TEORYANG ROMANTISISMO" Ang nobelang ito ay maaari nating ihanay sa teoryang romantisismo. Ang layunin ng teoryang ito ay ipamalas ang iba’t ibang paraan ng tao o sumasagisag sa tao sa pag-aalay ng kanyang pag-ibig sa kapwa, bansa at mundong kinalakhan. Ipinakikita rin sa akda na gagawin at gagawin ng isang nilalang ang lahat upang maipaalam lamang ang kanyang pag-ibig sa tao o bayang napupusuan. Ito ay dahil sa pinapakita sa nilalaman na pumunta pa sa iba't ibang bansa at hinanap sa kung saan-saan ng pangunahing tauhan ang kanyang minamahal. Dito pa lamang ay ipinapakita na gagawin ng tauhan ang lahat para lamang makitang muli at maipadama ang kanyang pagmamahal kay Esther.
"TEORYANG SIMBOLISMO" Ang nobelang ito ay maaari nating ihanay sa teoryang simbolismo. Ang layunin ng panitikan ay ipakita ang mga mahahalagang bahagi ng akda sa pamamagitan ng mga simbolo. Ngunit hindi basta-basta masusuri ang mga simbolismo sa akda. Pinakamainam na alamin muna…...

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...Insignificant Gestures By Jo Cannon This text is written by Jo Cannon. It is about a man who used to be a doctor and his servant, Celia, who has died. The narrator blames him self for Celia’s death, and it affects his present. By analyzing examples from the text, the narrator and the relationship between the narrator and Celia will be characterized. Furthermore, this short story will focus on the narrator’s error of judgment and the significance of time and place. The narrator wants to forget his time in Africa. He was working as a doctor at a hospital in Africa, and he has experienced a lot of things during his journey. He has, among other things, experienced their hospitality and how it works – and he is definitely not amazed: “The central hospital was a stinking hell-ship…” (p. 10 l. 97) In a way he is shocked to experience all this, because he wants to make a difference in Africa, and he really believes in him self, but it is hard to keep doing that with the circumstances. Now he has had quite enough of this, and all the people who are dying: “I never wanted to smell blood again.” (p. 8 l. 2) He also seems very sensitive, in the way he thinks about Celia. He misses her, and he want to do things over. He wants to go back in time and save Celia – but he cannot. Instead he is running away from his problems and thoughts. That is why he is no longer a doctor, but a psychiatrist. He cannot even use painting to escape anymore, because the painting......

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