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Six Feet Deep by Geto Boys
On March 19, 1993, a rap trio called the Geto Boys released an album called “Til Death Do Us Part.” On this album, Brad Jordan (Scarface), Richard Shaw (Bushwick Bill), and Michael Burnett (Big Mike), recorded a song called “Six Feet Deep.” This song was an instant hit, because so many people in the inner city could relate to the death that was depicted in the song. Although this song was released more than twenty years ago, it still has relevance today. The things that went on then are still going on in black communities today. Each verse described each person’s view on how death has come into their lives.
In the first verse, performed by Scarface, he talks about losing a close friend to a gun shout wound to the chest. He described the scene at the wake when he said, “And everybody dressed up in black suits.” The black suits is a part of a tradition practiced in many parts of the world. People are to wear something black to the wake or funeral of the deceased. He also described the sad expression on the faces of others around the death of his friend. Scarface recalled some things about their past, letting the listener know that he would never forget his friend and that his memory will live on forever. This verse was his way of saying good bye to his friend. He also explained how he felt about the situation saying that “it hurts to see the boy you broke bread with six feet in the dirt”.
The second verse was performed by Bushwick Bill. He talked about how death seemed to be something that was happening quite often in his community. It also talks about how people are unwilling to accept the death of a loved one. This verse gave a glimpse into his world, a world where people were being killed for shoes. This verse was especially sad for me because it touched on the fact that the boy was too young to die. This led me to…...

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