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The United States should not take aggressive and immediate action to show global warming. Any environmental change should have both positive benefits and negative effects. For example, theory predicts and observations confirm that human-induced warming takes place primarily in winter, lengthening the growing season. Satellite measurements now show that the planet is greener than it was before it warmed. There were two periods of global warming in the last century. The first ended around 1940 and was caused by the sun's warming up. Temperatures then cooled slightly, until the early 1970's, before warming again. In the first warming, 45 percent of Kilimanjaro's ice cap disappeared. When the planet subsequently cooled, it lost another 21 percent. In the recent warming, another 12 percent has gone, the slowest rate of loss in the last 100 years. Some 4,000 to 7,000 years ago, the earth was a degree or two warmer than it is today, and yet Kilimanjaro's glaciers were greatly expanded compared to the current era.
Bullet point: 1. Comparing to the present and the past, the geological history records the temperature in around 26 degrees Celsius/80 degrees Fahrenheit is the prosperous time of biology, therefore global warming can lead the ecosystem more stable. 2. Global warming is causing the global temperature increase, it extents the range of crops. In addition, it makes the density of carbon dioxide is higher, and the water vapor in air will increase. Therefore, global warming is good for the agricultural development. 3. People who died in the cold wave is more than died heat wave
1. For the past decade, the average of global temperature was fluctuating in 0.6 degree Celsius, it is a normal phenomenon. 2. The main reason of global warming is the solar radiation is increasing, but the affects for the humanity is…...

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