Google: What They Say and Do

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Google: What They Say and What They Do
Brumbaugh, Robert Blaine
COM 530
June 11, 2012
Bob Kolber


This paper is about the culture and communication methods of Google. It will start with an explanation of Google’s organizational culture and values. The following section will explain the role of communication within the organization. Including how communication is affected by the organization’s culture, and the role it plays in perception of the culture. The final sections will talk about misalignments between espoused and enacted values.
Google’s Culture and Values

“It’s really the people that make Google the kind of company it is.” ("Our Culture", n.d.). The people who work at Google are smart, determined, and from various parts of the world. The company hires people based more on their ability instead of their experience. They also maintain an open culture that allows for communication with everyone else in the company. “Googlers” as they call themselves, can even ask questions directly to Larry Page, the CEO of Google. The company values the input and diversity of its employees. It’s the input and diversity that fuels the innovation that the company is known for.
Communication and Culture

“One of the key reasons for Google's success is a belief that good ideas can, and should, come from anywhere.” (Mayer, 2005). Google supports an all channel style of communication, meaning that everyone can talk to everyone else. This open communication and culture allows everyone in the organization to come up and voice their ideas for the company. These ideas could be new services, or maybe ways to cut back on spending.

This ties into their culture because Google execs believe that this style of communication channel will help keep people relaxed and feeling like they are an important part of the company. Being relaxed…...

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