Greening Your Events

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Greening your events
Nowadays the terms ‘green events’ and ‘green meetings’ have become more important in the events industry. These terms are all leading to the minimization of negative environmental impacts of events.
Event organizations will need to pay attention to sustainable development to keep continuing in the future.
First of all the organizations will need to meet the standards set by the government to be a environmentally responsibly organization. A growing number of state and local governments have implemented green purchasing policies or programs, which will help organizations to ‘green’ their products and services. They can for example allow the event organizers to use large reusable water containers instead of drinking water out of small plastic bottles. In the future standards or policies concerning the sustainability of events will be required for event organizations.
Secondly it is important to create a green image for your company. People want to know how your company contributes to a healthier planet. Getting a green label often means that your company gains traction to a crowded market. Stakeholder will prefer a event organizer with a green label more than a event organizer without any green labels. (reference). People get influenced by the public opinion.. environmental responsibly. People visiting the event will feel social responsible, want to participate to a healther planet as well.
Finally being green as a event organizer will lead to economic savings. There are many ways to save money and increase efficiency in the process of the phases of an event. Before the event, as well as during and after the event there are several ways to reduce pollution and waste and so save money.
On the other hand you could say that having a green label does not affect the continuity of an event organizer. Many people believe that it is more a…...

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