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Summary His parents lived I Florida in a town called Frostproof. His girlfriend (don’t know if she is) were visiting his parents. We don’t get to know if she is his girlfriend or just a lover, cause in the text on page 9, line 43 she says: ‘’ I never asked him to leave his wife’’ then they must have a strange relationship. His parents live near by a lake. One day the man and his ‘’lover’’ are out on the lake in their boat. His mother doesn’t like the girl. The girl seems to apologize to him many times, and he says that she just needs to stop apologizing all the time. The guy wants to have children with her, but he can’t if she’s drinking all of the time. One night after the family were asleep in their own bedroom, she were sneaking into the bathroom and opened her shampoo bottle to drink whisky. I think she is an alcoholic, she acts like that. She was afraid if he could smell it on her skin that she had been drinking. One evening the guy and his father are out of the house, the mother and the girl watches television, the guys comes home again, the mother says to her son, that she think that his girlfriend are sick and, she wants to go home. Then he asks if that is right, the girlfriend answers back that it is right at she wants to go home.

Characterize of the persons The girl There is the girl who is visiting the guy parents. She acts like an alcoholic person. She has taking some whiskey in to at shampoo bottle, just to keep it a secret. She is afraid that her boyfriend can smell it on her skin. She doesn’t want his parents to know that she is drinking. She is apologizing all of the time, but we don’t get to know what she is apologizing for. She thinks his mother hates her. She seems to have a good eye to the father, one time she thinks to herself that she wants to touch him (the Father) and to put her hand against his rough face and say thank you.


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