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Operational Road Map for Dissertation

Steps to be followed

• Identification of specialized subject in each stream

▪ Faculty list

Students are allocated to the Faculty Engaged in teaching MBA

▪ Student list

• Interactive lecture to all students of IV Sem on Steps for Dissertation

(Seminar hall): To be announced later

Date deadlines for Students

|S.N |Particulars |Dates |
|1 |Dissertation Topic |10th December, 2012 |
|2 |Synopsis (Proposal including chapters outline) |20th December, 2012 |
|3 |Research Methodology |10th January, 2013 |
|4 |Data Collection & Literature review |20th January, 2013 |
|5 |Data Analysis |5th February, 2013 |
|6 |Result & Discussion |20th February, 2013 |
|7 |Submission of draft Report |25th February, 2013 |
|8 |Revision & modification in draft report | 2nd March, 2013 |
|9 |Submission of Final Dissertation |10th March, 2013 |
|10 |Evaluation & Viva…...

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...1 LOVE SICK :: ชุล มุนกางเกงนาเงิน|| INDRYTIMES ้ 1st CHAOS ่ "โน่ !!!! ไหง๋ งบชมรมเรามันหดเหลือแค่น้ ี ละวะ !?" เสียงโวยวายของเจ้าโอมร้องจ้าลั่ นห้องชมรมทันทีทผม ี่ ย่างเท้าเข้ามาถึง ... นี่ ยงไม่ทนจะหายใจในห้องชมรมได้เกิน 1 วินาทีดวยซํ้า ไอ้แผ่นกระดาษแจ้งงบประมาณ ั ั ้ ่ ตัวปัญหาก็มอนลอยละล่องมาบังสายตาผมเอาไว้กอน ีั ผมขมวดคิวอ่านรายละเอียดบนกระดาษแผ่นนั้น (ทีไอ้โอมประเคนให้ผมถึงหน้า ) อย่างถ้วนถี่ .... จําได้ดียง ่ ิ่ ้ กว่าจําวันเกิดอั้ม- พัชราภาซะอีก ว่าผมยืนขอไปสองหมืนห้าพัน เป็ นค่าบํารุ งกลองชุ ดทีเ่ ริ่ มจะเก่าแล้วของ ่ ่ ชมรมเรา... แต่ แล้ วทาไมมันเหลื อแค่ ห้าพันอย่ างนั้นล่ ะวะ!!! อีกสองหมืนไปไหน !? ่ "มึง .... ใบเสร็ จค่ากลองจะมาแล้วนะโว๊ยยย งี้ ไม่ตองไปนังขอทา นรึ ไง!" ไอ้เจ้าโอมยังคงประท้วงโวยวาย ้ ่ ไม่รู้จกเหนื่ อย ในขณะทีสมาชิ กคนอื่น ๆ ในชมรมนังกุบขมับ แล้วผูรักษาตําแหน่ งประธานชมรมดนตรี ั ่ ้ ่ อย่างผมจะทําอะไรได้ "เดี๋ยวกูมา " *** เสี ยงรองเท้าหนังสีดาของผมกระทบกับพื้นมันปลาบของตึกอํานวยการอย่างเร่ งรี่ ดวยกลัวว่า หากเย็น ํ ้ เกินไปแล้วห้องนั้นจะปิ ด ตอนนี้ ในหัวมันตื้อไปหมดทังความไม่เข้าใจและกลัวความบกพร่ องหน้าทีของ ่ ้ ตัวเอง บ้าชะมัด !! นี่ ผมไปทําพลาดตอนช่ วงไหนล่ะเนี่ ย !? ทั้งทีมนใจแล้วเชี ยวว่างบประมาณทีขอไปจะได้ ่ ั่ ่ 2 แน่ ๆ จนถึงขั้นลงมือสังของไปแล้ว แต่สุดท้ายดันมาโดนตัดงบแบบ นี้ ได้ไง!? ่ บิงโก!! ห้องสภานักเรี ยนยังเปิ ดอยู่ !! ผมหวังว่าจะได้เจอคนทีมอานาจตัดสิ นใจในนั้นซักคนสองคนนะ ่ี ํ "ตัวแทนจากชมรมดนตรี มาขอตรวจสอบงบประมาณทีคาดว่าจะผิดพลาดครับ !!" เสียงทีเ่......

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...   CASE  STUDY          ANXIOUS,  DESPERATE  &  CANSINO   (Elements  of  the  Balance  Sheet)     1.Anxious    SA,    a  company  which  sells  pins,  has  recorded  the  following  items  belonging  to  the     Balance  Sheet:         Suppliers,  trade  bill  payables     3.600     Capital     ???     Trade  receivables,  trade  bill  receivables     3.200     Money  in  cash     4.800     Tables  and  chairs     2.400     Computers     1.800     Pins     12.000     Current  payables  to  suppliers  of  fixed  assets  in  1  month     6.000     Suppliers     4.800     Shop  and  warehouse     14.400     Vehicles     3.000        Calculate  the  amount  of  Capital  contributions  made  by  the  shareholders  and  prepare   the     Balance  Sheet.     2.  Desperate  SA,  whose  main  activity  is  the  buying  and  selling  of  furniture,  has  recorded  the   following  items  belonging  to  the  company’s  worth:     Contribution  made  by  the  shareholders,  from  the  outside  of  the  company       6.000     Loss  made  during  the  period           2.000     Short-­‐term  receivables  over  buyers ......

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...COLLEGE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TARLAC San Sebastian Village, Tarlac City S.Y. 2015-2016 MODYUL SA PAGKATUTO Ipinasa Nina: Ariandna Nerrise Amoranto Beatrice Lian Bituin Renz Granadozo Ryan Roldan Jan Roxas 10-Faith Ipinasa Kay: G.Don Bien B. Peralta Guro,Araling Panlipunan 10 February 26,2016 I.Layunin ANO ANG MGA LAYUNIN NG ISYUNG ITO? A.)  Naipapaliwanag ang mga salik o dahilan ng kahirapan sa bansang Pilipinas. B.)  Napapahalagahan ang mga aksyon hindi lamang ng pamahalaan kundi pati narin ang mga Pilipino upang mabawasan ang kahirapan sa bansa. C.  Nakakapagbigay ng alternatibo sa dapat na maging tunguhin ng Pilipinas ukol sa pagkitil ng kahirapan. II. Paunang Salita TUNGKOL SAAN ANG MODYUL NA ITO? Ikaw ay nasa ika- 1 ng modyul pa lamang. Sa puntong ito, hindi pa gaano kalawak ang iyong kaalaman kung ano ang isyu na isinasaliksik sa modyul na ito, Ang kaalaman na ito ay maaari mong magamit upang mas maunawaan ang mga dahilan, salik at pinagmumulan ng kairapan ng isang bansa. Maraming problema ang kinakaharap ng bawat bansa ito ay mabibigat at madalas itong isinisisi sa gobyerno ng bansa at ang maling pamamalakad ng isang bansa, ito nga ba ang dahilan ng mga pagkakalulong ng tao na dulot ng kahirapan? Ang modyul na ito naglalaman ng makabuluhang isyu na kinakaharap ng buong mundo sa kasalukuyan. Ito ay naglalayon na maipahayag sa lahat ng tao lalo na sa mga kabataan ang mga nagiging sanhi at bunga ng mga isyu na ito......

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...Despite the doctrine of separation of powers, the three arms of government in Australia and in many other democracies are not strictly separate because: Members of the executive are also members of the legislature. Chapter 1, 'Australian legal system'. Executive members are drawn from elected members of Parliament (the legislature) to form the administrative arm of the Government. Which of the following categories of law will apply if Johnny is accused of breaching copyright? Intellectual property law. Chapter 1, 'Law and life'. Intellectual Property Law protects copyright by recognising the right to copy an original work that belongs to the author. According to the doctrine of responsible government: The Executive Council is comprised of elected representatives who are also members of the legislature. Chapter 1, 'The Australian legal system'. The Executive branch of government is also a member of Parliament and so are answerable to the citizens who elected them. Double jeopardy is the legal principle that states that: A person should not be tried more than once for the same crime. Chapter 1, 'The nature of law'. The law is designed to prevent the misuse of power. The notion of egalitarianism is: The idea that resources should be shared equally within a community. Chapter 1, 'Justice, ethics and politics'. Egalitarianism refers to equality of opportunity or equality of outcome. According to relativism: Ethical rules are universal and......

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...The picture below shows a flash flood in your housing area. Based on the picture given, write an article of the flood.When writing the article, you should: * Give details of the flood * Suggest ways to help the flood victims * Make sure it is between 120 and 150 words | Friday, 22 August2014 Flash Flood in Taman Rosa By Vanu Last Saturday, there was a terrible downpour in Taman Ros. It was raining cats and dogs. The residents did not leave their homes because the sky was dark and they did not to get caught in the rain. It was raining for almost six hours. The drains were clogged and the water started to overflow. The water level rose and lead to a flash flood in just a few more hours. The water started to go into the residents houses. The victims tried to move their important belongings to higher grounds and those with children tried to get them on top of their roofs. They were trying to get out of their homes and save important documents. A few of them climbed on top of the roofs of their hoses to prevent from drowning. It was a complete chaos in the neighbourhood. There were cars and carcasses floating all around the neighbourhood. Not long after, the flood relief volunteers came to help them victims in their boats. They tried to save the children and the women first. The saved victims were brought to a school flood relief centre nearby. Flash floods regularly happen in my housing areas. There are a few ways to help the flood victims. Most importantly......

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