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Scenario 1

Scenario 1
Low End Workstation
Have you ever built a low end workstation for a business? Have you ever wanted to know how to build a computer? Have you ever wondered how to make a computer on your own with step by step directions? To build a low end workstation for a business or server you would have to have the proper motherboard, computer case, RAM, power supply, hard drive, CPU, and a DVD disk drive.
When you are looking to build a computer you need to make sure that all of the parts are compatible and will fit in your tower. I would first look for a motherboard and computer case. I went with a biostar G41D3 motherboard. It is a micro ATX so you will have to make all of your components will fit onto it. You will have to pick a tower that will fit the micro ATX motherboard. I chose the cooler master elite mid tower case. I chose this case because it will have more air flow since it will be a server so it will probably be running more frequently than a regular computer. I then chose a hard drive. To choose a hard drive you have to know what kind it is. Usually the motherboard will come with a list of compatible hardware. The motherboard I chose is compatible with a SATA hard drive.I chose an intel dual processor because it does not need to perform a lot of tasks at once and it goes with the motherboard. You can find out that the motherboard and the CPU fit together by looking at the specifications of the motherboard. I chose a Toshiba 1 TB hard drive. I figured since there will be a lot of information on a server it would need a lot of space to hold users and computers IP addresses. Then I would choose RAM. RAM stands for random access memory, It basically makes your computer fun faster because it can retrieve information faster and do more at once. I chose a stick of crucial 1 GB RAM for a desktop because it will not need to do…...

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