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If you read nothing else on strategy, read these bestselling articles.

HBR’s Must-Reads on Strategy
Included with this collection:

Strategy Development
2 What Is Strategy? by Michael E. Porter

23 The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy by Michael E. Porter

42 Building Your Company’s Vision by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras

57 Reinventing Your Business Model

by Mark W. Johnson, Clayton M. Christensen, and Henning Kagermann

69 Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Strategy Execution
81 The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution by Gary L. Neilson, Karla L. Martin, and Elizabeth Powers

95 Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton

110 Transforming Corner-Office Strategy into Frontline Action by Orit Gadiesh and James L. Gilbert

121 Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance by Michael C. Mankins and Richard Steele

133 Who Has the D?: How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance by Paul Rogers and Marcia Blenko

Product 12601


What Is Strategy? by Michael E. Porter

Included with this full-text Harvard Business Review article: 3 Article Summary The Idea in Brief—the core idea The Idea in Practice—putting the idea to work 4 What Is Strategy? 22 Further Reading A list of related materials, with annotations to guide further exploration of the article’s ideas and applications

Reprint 96608

What Is Strategy?

The Idea in Brief
The myriad activities that go into creating, producing, selling, and delivering a product or service are the basic units of competitive advantage. Operational effectiveness means performing these activities better— that is, faster, or with fewer inputs and defects—than rivals. Companies can reap enormous advantages from…...

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...Lipitor and iPhone 4s: Setting the Stage for Industry Disruption - Christopher Bowe - ... Page 1 of 2 HBR Blog Network Lipitor and iPhone 4s: Setting the Stage for Industry Disruption by Christopher Bowe | 12:55 PM December 20, 2011 The two biggest product stories of 2011 were arguably Lipitor and the iPhone 4S. Although the two stories could not appear to differ more, both offer business leaders strategic lessons that are intriguingly similar. The Lipitor story seems to be about a managed end: the highly anticipated demise (due to the expiration of its patent last Nov. 30) of a blockbuster prescription drug. The iPhone 4S's story seems to be about a new beginning: the highly anticipated launch of the latest version of a blockbuster consumer-technology product. But they have fundamentally more in common than meets the eye. Both Pfizer and Apple use life-cycle management to explore a new way to drive the business and business model forward. In both instances, the lifecycle management innovation involves using disintermediation to change how the customer interacts with the product. And both teach lessons that apply across many industries. Lipitor's Long Good-bye Throughout its history, Pfizer's biggest product and the biggest-selling branded drug in pharmaceutical industry history, has delivered some confounding strategic lessons (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/11/say_farewell_to_lipitor_but_do.html) . With Lipitor's annual global sales still approaching $10 billion and......

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...clientes sobre la potencial brecha de seguridad. • Determine el grado al cual Flayton Electornics fue dañado (reputación, finanzas, operaciones, etc) por esta fuga. • Recomiende 2 procedimientos para que Flayton Electronics prevenga fugas futuras. • Su trabajo debe incluir portada y referencias (no se cuentan como parte de la extensión). Fecha de entrega: 15 de Agosto 2013 11:55pm Via correo electrónico formato PDF. Miguel Laurent 719 col. Del Valle CP 03100 Benito Juárez, México DF tels. 5604 2178 5688 3512 www.univdep.edu.mx www.hbrreprints.org HBR CASE STUDY AND COMMENTARY How should the Flayton Electronics team respond to the crisis? Four commentators offer expert advice. Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Customer Data by Eric McNulty • Reprint R0709A Flayton Electronics learns that the security of its customer data has been compromised—and faces tough decisions about what to do next. HBR CASE STUDY Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Customer Data by Eric McNulty COPYRIGHT © 2007 HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL PUBLISHING CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Brett Flayton, CEO of Flayton Electronics, stared intently at a troubling memo on his desk from the firm’s head of security. Running his hands through his full head of barely graying hair, he looked not unlike his father did when he established the first Flayton Cameras and Stereos 25 years ago. The security situation had come to Brett’s attention just before nine o’clock the previous......

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...Your Thinking …page 54 54 How Strategists Really Think: Tapping the Power of Analogy Giovanni Gavetti and Jan W. Rivkin 66 Seven Transformations of Leadership David Rooke and William R. Torbert 78 Countering the Biggest Risk of All Adrian J. Slywotzky and John Drzik 92 The Quest for Customer Focus Ranjay Gulati and James B. Oldroyd 102 The Relative Value of Growth Nathaniel J. Mass 14 Forethought 35 HBR Case Study Class – or Mass? Idalene F Kesner and Rockney Walters . 49 Different Voice Strategic Intensity A Conversation with World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov 114 HBR at Large Selection Bias and the Perils of Benchmarking Jerker Denrell 121 Best Practice The Half-Truth of First-Mover Advantage Fernando Suarez and Gianvito Lanzolla 131 Executive Summaries 136 Panel Discussion TLFeBOOK TLFeBOOK TLFeBOOK NEW YORK LONDON PA R I S MILAN TOKYO CHICAGO TROY DALLAS B E V E R LY H I L L S PA L M B E A C H BOSTON TLFeBOOK TLFeBOOK TLFeBOOK TLFeBOOK HBR 66 Features 54 April 2005 54 How Strategists Really Think: Tapping the Power of Analogy Giovanni Gavetti and Jan W. Rivkin 78 The exhilarating feeling of “I’ve seen this situation before!” leads sometimes to strategic breakthroughs, sometimes to disaster. Here’s how to make sure your analogical reasoning is on the money. 66 Seven Transformations of Leadership David Rooke and William R.......

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...GUESS PAPER MOCK Time Allowed: 60 Minutes Maximum Marks: 100 Read the following instructions carefully before you begin to answer the questions. INSTRUCTION TO CANDIDATE 1. This booklet contains 100 questions in all comprising the following 3 parts: Part - (I): REASONING APTITUDE (35 Question) Part – (II): QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE (35 Question) Part – (III): ENGLISH LANGUAGE (30 Question) 2. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. 3. Before you start to answer the question you must check up this booklet and ensure that it contains all the pages and see that no page is missing or replaced. If you find any defect in this booklet, you must get it replaced immediately. 4. The paper carries negative marking. 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. 5. You will be supplied the Answer-sheet separately by the invigilator. You must complete the details of Name, Roll number, Test Id and name of the examination on the Answer-Sheet carefully before you actually start answering the questions. You must also put your signature on the Answer-Sheet at the prescribed place. These instructions must be fully complied with, failing which, your Answer-Sheet will not be evaluated and you will be awarded ‘ZERO’ mark. 6. Answer must be shown by completely blackening the corresponding circles on the Answer-Sheet against the relevant question number by HB pencil or Black/ blue ball pen only. 7. A machine will read the coded information in the OMR Answer-Sheet. In case......

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