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Health and Safety Checklist Comments:
• Program Smoke Free Didn’t see anyone smoking in the center. So that was a Plus.
• All Entrances/Exits Kept Clear I noticed also that all entrances and exits were kept clear with the exception of not a lot of going in and out room for people
• Staff Purses & Personal Items Are Locked Away Out Of Reach I see that one of the classroom teachers kept her purse in the closet in her classroom
• Hands Are Washed By Staff & Children Upon Arrival Of Classroom Didn’t really staff wash their hands but I noticed the kids washed their hands after snack and after they used the bathroom.
• Each Child Has A Brief Health Check By Classroom Teacher Didn’t see the classroom teachers do a brief health check. Although I did not her looking a childs face and questioning her as to how she got those scratches.
• Bleach Solution Is Made Daily Labeled & Inaccessible To Children I did notice that they were bleach bottles marked bleach and water kept in the kitchen on the counter but the door opens from the inside so I guess that’s safe practice.
• All Hygiene Supplies Are Available (soap, paper towels, toilet paper etc.) They did have all hygience products available for children and in good reach/very accessible
• Area Is Generally Clean/ Clutter-Free (garbage emptied, floor swept, bathroom clean etc.) The area was generally clean. She had the children pick up after themselves which was a good idea.
• All Chemicals Are Locked/ Out of Children’s Reach All chemicals were locked away in the kitchen under the sink.
• All Electrical Outlets Are Covered All the electrical outlets were covered with the…...

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