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Heartbreakers Nightclub Focus Group Summary- Research Objectives



Heartbreakers Nightclub Focus Group Summary- Research Objectives

Heartbreakers Nightclub has to gain a considerable market share at Prince George BC, for it to outdo its competitors. In strategic marketing, market share is simply the proportion of the market that an organization controls and delivers its products to their consumers safely. Market segmentation sometimes is used to help an organization anticipate the market share for its products. This action is enabled by the characteristics of the market segments such accessibility, demographics, consumer psychographics and consumer demand. The research problem, in this case, is a lack of considerable market share for Heartbreakers night club gain at Prince George. The study must focus on factors affecting the number of customers for Heartbreakers nightclub to resolve the underlying problem. Also, Heartbreakers nightclub must be unique in service delivery to attract more customers, outdo competition though is small.

General Objective

The general objective of the study is to analyze specific factors affecting market share for Heartbreakers nightclub at Prince George. The general purpose is formed by the dependent variable of the study. In the regression analysis for the information gathered regarding research questions, the general objective is denoted as Y. To resolve this problem of market share, Heartbreakers Nightclub will apply ways of assuring the consumer decision factors as identified by the participants of the focus group.

Specific Objectives

These are identified for the reasons that were given by the participants in the focus group as to why they prefer other nightclubs at Prince George over Heartbreakers nightclub. Typically, the market share for any organization is…...

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