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Lab E: Food Label & 3 Day Diet Analysis

Name: __________________________ Date: ______________

Part One: Food Label Analysis (.25)

Pick one PROCESSED food that you commonly eat and use the label to complete the following information: ATTACH Label
Food description or name: _________________________
Manufacturer: ___________________________
Serving Size:_______________
Total calories per serving: __________
a) Carbohydrates per serving: _________
_____ grams of carbohydrate x 4 cal/gram = _____ / total calories = ______ x 100% = _____ % calories from CHO
b) Protein per serving: ________
_____ grams of protein x 4 cal/gram = _____ / total calories = ______ x 100% = _____ % calories from protein
c) Fat per serving: ________
_____ grams of fat x 9 cal/gram = _____ / total calories = ______ x 100% = _____ % calories from fat
Significant source of (check one): ____carbohydrates; ___protein; ____fat; ____; or mixed food source
Examine the label, including the list of ingredients and consider the following: 1. List any sources of added sugar: _________________________________________________ 2. List the cholesterol content per serving: _________________________________ 3. List the sodium content per serving: _________________________________ 4. List any vitamins or minerals: _____________________________________________________ 5. List the fibre content per serving: _______________________ 6. List the saturated fat content: ____________ and trans fat content per serving: ______________ 7. Is this a healthy food choice? Why or why not? _______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Part Two: Personalized Food Guide (.25)

Create and print your own personalized Canada food guide using Health Canada’s Website:…...

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