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Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, registered under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. It was incorporated on 26 December, 2004 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1994 with an authorized capital of Tk.20,000,000,000 being the only government sponsored mobile telephone company in the country. On the same day the Company obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business.
They continue to grow and engage their customers through their clear commitment to offering high quality products and services as well as leading customer retention and loyalty programmers. Teletalk continues to be a part of the revolution that’s connecting millions of Bangladeshi people and around the world.
Teletalk Bangladesh limited was established keeping a specific role in mind. Teletalk has forged ahead and strengthened its path over the years and achieved some feats truly to be proud of, as the only Bangladeshi mobile operator and the only operator with 100% native technical and engineering human resource base, Teletalk thrives to become the true people’s phone – “Amader Phone”.
Basic objectives for which the Company was formed are highlighted here under:

• To provide mobile telephone service to the people from the public sector

• To ensure fair competition between public and private sectors and thereby to safeguard public interest

• To meet a portion of unmitigated high demand of mobile telephone

• To create a new source of revenue for the government

strategic issues

The main three problems of teletalk are 1. poor quality service . 2. in appropriate marketing strategy. 3. bureaucratic structure

So by analyzing these problems we can say that the strategic issues of TELETALK can be : 1. attracting…...

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