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Qestion1: In regard to your ventures, how does the Kenyan context present different challenges than the American context. Give at least three examples.
The first example that I can think about is Kenyan business etiquette. Kenyans tend to know you a little bit as a person before they do business with you. They prefer to cooperate with people they know or friends with. Therefore, how to let Kenyans trust you is the first step to do business in Kenya. This is something we need to take into consideration when we want to expand our project and find more partnerships. Moreover, being punctual for appointments and business meetings are important in Kenyan business culture. The second example is about behavior and negotiation skills. Politeness and a humble approach is the key to win friends or build relationship. People like to negotiate in Kenya and always expect to bargain in a market. For our project, we might need to think about what we should do if Kenyans bargain about prices with us. The Last example is regarding to communication. Luckily, English is an official language in Kenya. However, even though we speak same language, the communication culture in Kenya is slightly different from that of the United States. The communication style in Kenya is usually non-confrontation and polite. That is to say, Kenyans seldom direct say things with people except their closest friends. They tend to hide their true feelings especially about financial matters. Therefore, we need to figure out a way to truly find out reliable feedback from them about our projects.

Qestion2 In regard to your ventures, how does the Kenyan context offer different resources than the American context. Give at least three examples. Give at least three examples.
The first example is about people’s personality and characteristics in Kenya. Just like the video we watched in the beginning of…...

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