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John Douglass
Male, Single, Bahrain

Recruiter Notes
John Douglas is a veteran expert in compensation areas. With proven track record and expertise in compensation related areas ? we are delighted to present his CV to Al Marai. Although his age might be a concern as per the Saudi laws but he is very optimistic and interested in working with Al Marai. Please note that John has been interviewed previously by Al Marai. CR

Covering Note
In July 2012 I finished up my assignment as Head/Compensation & Benefits with Tatweer Petroleum in Bahrain. The drive to nationalize coupled with increasing pressure from the company?s joint venture partners to improve financial performance have led to the departure of numerous highly compensated expats, including me. I am now back in the market looking at full-time employment and consulting opportunities, e.g. the following: ? Am open to senior non-management HR roles, with emphasis on compensation and performance management development, in the USA, the Middle East/GCC, and worldwide. ? Vice-President (VP)/Director of Human Resources for small to mid-sized organizations ? VP/Director/Manager of Compensation & Benefits/Performance & Rewards ? Human Resources consulting; available for projects on an independent ?associate? basis; join ?delivery? team of a blue chip global consulting firm; conduct training workshops related to special HR strengths. I have remained in Bahrain while targeting the Middle East for employment and consulting assignments, but I am single, mobile, and available for assignments worldwide. Special Note: I have signed a contract with Petrosync in Singapore to conduct in September this year a week-long compensation workshop in Kuala Lumpur for Asia Pacific HR professionals in the oil and gas industry. Please feel free to contact…...

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