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The relationship between words - music in the operas of the 17th and early 18th centuries

Music and Words

Early 17th century English lute song represents a perfect fusion of words and music, simultaneously conceived by poets and composers with a deep instinctive understanding of each other’s business. This is a critical commonplace with heavy implications for performers. Words and music have played important roles in culture ever since their emergence in prehistoric humans. which is responsible for speech, developed in humanoids more than 60,000 years ago, and the oldest known bone flute is 40,000 years old. Poetry, philosophy, and drama survive from ancient Western cultures, and both music iconography and music notation have also been discovered. The relationship between music and words is found in vocal music - songs, choral music, opera, musical theater, and so on. Beyond defying a traditional approach of absolute music in where music represents nothing other than itself words do not only add to the atmosphere of program music, but can be used as linguistic instruments in cooperation with the voice itself. Today, vocal music reigns supreme with its instrumental counterpart not seeing the same success. So it can be seen that most view words as the ultimate form of expression therefore it is also a vehicle to more clearly and efficiently declare whichever message an artist chooses to convey.
Music is a way that many people express their thoughts and feelings about a situation or another person. It is put to a beat and a rhythym and many times the beat or rhythym is a reflection of the lyrics in the songs. Music has not only become a large part of life but the different genres of music have in a sense become their own branches of life.Music is a combination of instruments and vocals that creates a melodic rhythm that is generally catchy and fun to sing…...

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