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It’s late.

I am always late. It’s not that I don’t mean it (of course I do) but that I chose to be in my warm cuddly bed as I am not really used to high school – actually this my first time going to school since elementary- In fact todays meant to be my first time in this damn boarding high school that my father has forced me in to. I can’t believe he is doing this to me. I mean it’s not that I’m not bothered with education, it’s just I can’t stand school environments; it pisses me the hell of. One day I’ll get my own back on you father. Besides that wasn’t the only problem, my father is a very sneaky guy (he knows what I am capable of). He laid a trap that I will defiantly never come across. EVER!!!
There is this aunty I have; this very anti aunty you should avoid. On her forehead it clearly says DANGER; you must never come across her. Well the reason is; she is them clingy type that never lets go of you. She is the type who would kiss you with them mushy wet lips and leave gooey saliva all on your face. She is the type that favorites you over her own children. In worst case scenario; kidnap you then turn you into her fluffy pillow. You should stay away from her. Just like me. You see this is the trap father left for me at home; so if I get to think of running away from this %^#$^@# school; I would encounter this beast. So yeah that’s how I feel right now. As time flies by, I’m still standing at the front gates of this boarding SC…. can’t even say the word anymore. Oh yeah I forgot to say that my father ......

As day silently went by, Hinata stood at the front gates thinking of how fast her goodbyes were to her father, she couldn't stand that he was leaving, that’s how much she loved her father but doesn't like showing affection to others so she just keeps it to herself. She remembered something she never wanted to remember again ... Her mother; her…...

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